Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being in London

I saw lots of statues in London. And this one was the scariest because it kind of looked like it was alive. It all started where me and mom were heading to the biggest toy store in London. We ended up at Trafalgar Square. The coolest thing about it is there were chess pieces taller then my dad. It took two people to move them.

The next day me and my mom and dad went on a bus tour. And, well, we saw Big Ben. It was the coolest thing ever. But, this picture wasn't taken that day. On the last day we were in London we went to the London Eye and took this picture. I'm going to go back in time a little bit becuase that is not all we did in London. I mean - it's London. It's beautiful.

So, on the second day we were there we went to the West End (or Broadway) play Wicked. Kristy, I know you are so proud. It was great but that's not all I did in London. I shall tell you more later.