Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Little Kitty Ci Ci

My cat is so silly! She likes to chase the birds, fight with the cats outside through the windows, and hide in the laundry basket. She is so cute too. She likes to cuddle with me. She likes to be a baby, and what do you know, she's always fluffy. I am going to show a video of Ci Ci with the birds. She spends most of her day sleeping or playing with the birds or cats through the window. I'm a lucky ducky to have Ci Ci, or I should say I'm a lucky kitty - do you get it? Lucky Ducky . . . . Lucky Kitty. Ci Ci likes to sleep a lot in the day. We try to keep her awake so she doesn't bug us in the night. My kitty has such green eyes. Sometimes they even match my shirt perfectly. Here are some photos of me and Ci Ci. Her collar tag says "Good Kitty." You know, sometimes when the computer goes crazy I think that Ci Ci was playing video games on it. What a smart little kitty! So always love a kitty!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Abbey's Reading

I'm a super reader! I just finished a book called Starring Tracy Beaker. There are 173 pages in that book. And it is very, very, very thick. It's about this girl, she's in an children's home that she calls The Dumping Ground. The reason why she lives there is because her mom is a star at Hollywood, and she couldn't take Tracy. So she's really sad, and she's in this play, and she thinks her mom is coming, but her mom doesn't. But she still has fun because Cam gave her the wonderfulest Christmas. Cam is a girl who takes care of Tracy when she needs some TLC.

Okay, moving on. I've read all my Junie B. Jones books. At school I read a book every day, and at home when I'm bored I read like a thousand books! The book that I want to read next is the fourth Joey book. Joey books are about this boy, he's very wild and can't control himself, and does crazy things. But in the next one he gets medicine pads that help him cool down. So he goes to stay with his dad (by the way, his parents are divorced) and his dad is even more wild than him, and it's just sad, but it is funny.

And that's my story of reading.

Monday, March 16, 2009


My school is ASD. I love my teacher Miss Verhoye. She is so nice. Miss V is making us have a report. My report is on swimming and cats. Our whole class is studying something together. It is pearls. We are reading a book called The Pearl Diver. I got to see a real pearl diver at the old souqs. In art I am making a self portrait. On Tuesday I am going to make a sculpture. I'm not sure if it is going to be clay or wood or anything like that, so don't ask me. In P.E. we have to wear uniforms. It stinks, but I like the games that they let us do. Music is so fun. I was in a concert the other day, and I played chimes, sang "Dancy Nackooemba" and "How Can I Keep From Singing?" Kristy, aren't you proud of me?!

Today me and my friends sang in front of the class, "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee." Tomorrow I'm gonna sing, "My Momma Gave Me a Penny." I learned these songs at Brownies (Girl Scouts).

In Girl Scouts I had a campout, and I got a peacock feather. I missed my mom and dad and my cat and especially my bed.

I am going to have Crazy Hair Day on March 26th. How should I fix my hair? I wish I had brought my hair dye to Qatar.

I'm going to put a picture of me and Miss Verhoye and two videos of me on stage at the concert with Mrs Yamaora. (By the way, Miss Verhoye is the one doing the twisty noise maker in the second song.) In the videos I am the one on the top row right above the girl in the white dress and tiara. Bye!