Friday, March 20, 2009

Abbey's Reading

I'm a super reader! I just finished a book called Starring Tracy Beaker. There are 173 pages in that book. And it is very, very, very thick. It's about this girl, she's in an children's home that she calls The Dumping Ground. The reason why she lives there is because her mom is a star at Hollywood, and she couldn't take Tracy. So she's really sad, and she's in this play, and she thinks her mom is coming, but her mom doesn't. But she still has fun because Cam gave her the wonderfulest Christmas. Cam is a girl who takes care of Tracy when she needs some TLC.

Okay, moving on. I've read all my Junie B. Jones books. At school I read a book every day, and at home when I'm bored I read like a thousand books! The book that I want to read next is the fourth Joey book. Joey books are about this boy, he's very wild and can't control himself, and does crazy things. But in the next one he gets medicine pads that help him cool down. So he goes to stay with his dad (by the way, his parents are divorced) and his dad is even more wild than him, and it's just sad, but it is funny.

And that's my story of reading.

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Kristy said...

Yay Abbey! I love you.