Monday, December 15, 2008

Going to Jordan

I went to Jordan last week. I had so much fun. But there are lots of poor people. I went to the ruins at Jerash. The ruins are sort of like ancient castles.

I saw this kitty in the resort at the Dead Sea. She was so very calm and so cute. I took a picture of her with my camera and mom took a picture of her too.

I went to a place that is called Petra. People thousands of years ago carved a building out of the mountain. I got to ride camels and my camel's name was Jack. In the picture my camel moved so the guy had to pull the camel back closer to my mom's camel. So mom's camel tried to bite the other one.

In the first hotel that I went to in Jordan ít was so very dirty and stinky and gross. The next day we went to a fabulous hotel at the Dead Sea. It was way better than the first hotel. Mom was so happy when we came to the second hotel. There were three swimming pools in the second hotel. The first pool that we went to was half beach half pool. The Dead Sea is very salty. You don't even have to swim because you just float. Now that is what I call cool.


Amy said...

Abbey! I love your blog. It will be fun staying in touch with you while you are in Quatar. Petra looks so beautiful - like a palace! You got to ride a camel? How many 8 year-olds can say that?

Kristy said...

Sweet Abbey! I love your blog! What fun adventures you're having. I can't wait to read more and more of your great writing!

Marcell said...

Abbey, I love your blog!!! I love you!!!! Do you have to have a license to drive a camel?

Kathy said...

Abbey, I'm so excited to see the wonderful places you and your parents are able to visit! I can't believe you're riding a camel. I don't know anyone who has ever ridden a cambel before. I think you three might just be the three wise guys; you all look pretty smart and happy to me anyway!)
Merry Christmas Darling Abbey!
Love, Aunt Kathy

ljanlyons94 said...

Cool blog! You and London are putting me to shame. I just might have to do a blog. Maybe I should call it 'life inside a cat house'. Or 'Welcome to my fur ball' I loved your pictures and description of Jordan. Great job!!!

evansmikey said...

You guys look like you're having a blast, lucky! Hope your holiday season is great!

Richardson Five said...

Dear Abbey,
Oh we are so excited you got to have such a fun adventure with your Mom and Dad. Who can say they have rode a camel? We are so glad you have a blog too!