Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where In the World is Abbey?

I am in Qatar! I love it a lot and I love it a little. I live in the city of Doha. Me, my mom, and my dad are living here for a year while my dad teaches at VCUQ. In Qatar the ladies wear something that is called a shayla that covers up their heads. And what they wear for clothes is an abaya. An abaya is like a coat except it goes all the way down to your feet and you zip it up. It is usually black. The men in Qatar wear something that is called a thobe. A thobe is kind of like an abaya except it is white and it has a few buttons.

Arabs are not Christians. They are Muslims. So they don't celebrate Christmas. They celebrate Eid. When I first came to Qatar, I felt so very jet lagged. Then after a few months I started getting used to it.

What I like about Qatar is that the gas prices aren't as high as they are in Utah. And you don't have to wear coats usually.

I will write more later about my adventures here in Doha.


CarolynV said...

Dear Abbey,
I just read your blog from Minnesota. Thank you so much for mentioning my name! You're right! your writing IS impressive! I am so proud of you! Tomorrow I fly to San Diego for 2 weeks. I will see you in January! Love always, Miss V.

Amy said...

Abbey, thanks for sharing a bit about the culture. I didn't know the name of their clothing or what they are like.

Speaking of wearing coats, it's officially winter here in Utah. We got a big snowstorm this weekend, and the whole neighborhood is covered in snow! My feet are freezing. How are yours?